The art of energy… finding the Source energy within you.

Understanding that we are each unique divine energy beings that all originate from the divine source energy. We are simply here in a physical form but actually we are all divine souls that are pure light that are all connected to the divine creator and source light.

Our souls are Ray’s of light. When we incarnate on earth our soul light is born. It then manifests into physical form that has been agreed by our soul and creator before our incarnation. We are each divine Ray’s of light created in the image of the purest of light out divine creator. By honouring ourselves and living in a state of love consciousness we are then able to radiate that love and light for others. When we honor ourselves we honor God. When we honor others and send nothing but love and light then we are honouring our own light also.

Energy is light, its vibration. To be completely in the light and living a full and happy life you have to honor your light. Light is love. Energy is emotion. Emotions hold a vibration and our energy reacts to our vibration. Honor your light by the following…

love yourself. Be kind to yourself. Love yourself unconditionally.

let go of any negative vibrational emotions. These are often the emotions of… fear, anger, hate and envy.

our souls are tied to our emotions. Our emotions are often the chords of karmic ties. Even when someone does you harm be careful of your reaction. If you react with any type of negative emotion then you will feel your energetic self be tied into that negative emotion.

remember love and gratitude are the key to a high vibrational energy. Love is the most powerful emotion of all. Live in love and you will be free of emotional chords and karmic ties.

Live in nothing but love. Give nothing but love and you will be set free. Everything in life is a test, a test to see how we react, a test to see our energy vibration, being aware of your energy and your emotions are key to living a happy life.

You are divine, you are love, you are worthy, you have the power of source within you. The power of love is in all of us.