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Call of the Angel’s… Love is in everything around us.

The Angel’s are reminding us today that they are surrounding you in comfort and love.

The Angel’s feel our pain, they feel our grief, they are here to gently hold our hearts in the beautiful peaceful love of source.

They remind us that love and light is in everything. Every flower we see, every tree we feel, every moment with family and friends we are feeling the love of the Divine light within our hearts.

The Angel’s want us to know that we are surrounded by their light and their comfort.

When you feel a gentle breeze of energy around your shoulders. When you feel overwhelming joy and love in your heart. The Angel’s are talking to you.

Take time to give your worries to the Angel’s, write your worries down, surrender your heart to the Angel’s and allow them to hold your heart in light.

The Angel’s are Gods messengers of light. They are here to help Alchemise humanities pain as we each gently navigate our way home within ourselves, so that we can each achieve harmony within our souls and feel at peace.

Be at peace, be still, be Love, be light ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Being the light is who we are….

Soul rescue and Light initiations

spiritual development

Ascension update, The council of 12 and your galactic guides.

We are moving quickly into the next state of consciousness, over the past few days many have been approached by your galactic guides and the federation of light. These beings are here to help us, we are what you would call as ET’S. (we do not like that term as we are you, and you are us) do not be afraid, they are here to lead us home and into the next level of our evolution.

Time has now run out for the controllers of the planet, there is now too much light on earth and our plan to help earth re join the universal systems of light has truly started to be under way.

Many will start to feel excited about what is coming, your souls are telling you something is about to happen, yet you do not know what. This is because the next stage of ascension has begun. The walls are beginning to crumble and you are being welcomed home into the light.

The council of 12 have been briefed and are ready to start their initiations of light. The lightworkers sent to help bring light to the planet will start to be initiated. The council of 12 are the beings of light that you may know as leaders of light within many realms.

For you though you needn’t think of names, as the council of light have been incarnated here in different dimensions many times with different tasks to complete. But now is the time that they will arrive with you all and you will start to embody their energy. As your consciousness becomes clearer and of a higher vibrational frequency you will be allocated one or more of these light beings to fuse their energy with yours and you will become an embodiment of them. Each of these energies have different purposes within the task of ascension. They will flow on different frequencies, each for the following roles..

  • dark matter clearance within the 4th dimensional realm
  • Fetching of souls stuck within the underworld, guiding them to the light
  • fetching of soul fragments within the higher realms, for example after near death or coma states.
  • the peace bringers, they will be shining light wherever is needed, installing peace through their skill of teleportation and light guidance, they are able to cover large places and distances at once.
  •  healing of our mother God.. Earth
  • the healing of minds and souls, you will be activating healing wherever you go.
  • spreading the word, these will be warriors of light, sharing their knowledge against all odds.
  • Guiding peoples souls through this experience and integrating the 12 dimensions of the soul, through knowledge and healing.

For many, you will have a mix of these skills and consciousness integrated with you, for others it will be more of one and less of another.

The 12 councils of light will be embodying the earth within you until their job is complete.

You are now ready to step into the next stage of earths evolution and you are playing an important part in this transition. These 12 councils of light have already embodied some of you, but now as the next portal has opened they will be from today embodying more lightworkers at a quicker rate. They are coming to help and they will be working through you.

When his happens your soul codes will begin to change, not only will your soul regain full consciousness but it will be receiving new coding. This coding will be from the councils of light. Once all lightworkers have received their new coding and have a consciousness fully integrated with the councils of light, then the power to unify your planet back within the galactic system will be well under way.

We are all as one. and we thankyou for your hard work and dedication.

Love, light and peace, Sam

(This information was collated during my galactic meetings with my Light guide, Ashtar Sheran)

Watch “Important for lightworkers. The Army has arrived!” on YouTube

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