Messages of light… Anchoring the light within you.

Today we are being gently guided to release what no longer serves us. In order for a new light to flow within us.

letting go of negative emotions can be hard yet its vitally important for your spiritual wellbeing to allow those emotions to gently rise within us, be released and let them flow.

Take time to bring your awareness into your emotional wellbeing. Do you feel anger? Jealousy? Grief? Or just irritation? Bring your awareness to those feelings. Now imagine your heart filling with love and joy.

Focus on the feeling of love within your heart for everything and those around you. When you feel that love, how does it make you feel? Does it make you feel relaxed? Peaceful? Happy? Now focus on those emotions.

Once focused on those emotions use your minds eye to imagine beautiful golden light flowing through your heart and your body. As you do this you will gently start to feel your energy changing. Imagine those feelings of negative emotions releasing and gently disappearing within the golden light that is now flowing through you.

The next step now is gently bringing your focus in once again to the heart. Now imagine your heart being filled with the most beautiful peaceful love and light.

Feel the peace within your heart as you start to anchor in the light within you.

Below is an affirmation that when repeated will help your mind to release those negative emotions.

Repeat these in your mind…

I am love

I am peace

I am light

I banish all emotions that no longer serve me.

repeat those words as many times as you feel necessary and you will slowly start to feel your emotions clearing and releasing into feelings of joy and love.