Soul rescue and Light initiations

Are you looking for more on your spiritual journey? Your soul is guiding you for more, By initiating your soul into the light you will ignite an energy in you that you never even imagined was there. Your soul is being called to its true being and purpose. These light initiations will take you from the 4th dimensional realms right through up into the 5th/6th dimensions. Here your soul will be home, you will be shining the light of the universe through your soul into your physical form here on this earth.

Light initiations and soul rescue are on donation basis only after having received one. The reason? We all understand that this life can be difficult and yet all of the help out there is expensive, meaning only the elite have reach to it!  to book your soul light healing please contact me on this form below and I will contact you as soon as possible. All profits go towards ‘ The Samaritans’ charity.