Being aware of the light within you.

With so much out there on your spiritual journey it can be difficult to understand which direction to take.

You are at the stage of your journey where by you feel there is a calling for you to find more depth to your soul. You want to understand more about your spiritual self, who you are and how to navigate your life as a spiritual being.

You understand that there is more out there than we realise. You understand that your soul is searching for more, but where to start?

There is so much information out there that it can be completely over whelming when first setting into the search for your spiritual self.

Over 10 years of navigating my way through spiritual self and still finding out more and more each day the one main piece of advice I can give is this…

Follow your inner self. The quickest and easiest route to finding overwhelming peace and love in your heart is to be true to yourself.

Like with everything in life we are often told to conform, we must do this and do that…. The same goes for some spiritual pathways.

Read a book, listen to others but the only person you should be listening to is yourself.

If you read a book and some of the content sits with you, fine but if some doesnt then thats ok to. Feel in your heart what is right for you.

So how do you follow your inner voice and heart?

If it is right for you you will feel overwhelmed by love. You will feel excited, joyous and know exactly in your heart that it is right.

If its not right then you will feel uneasy, unsure and your heart will feel like its holding you back.

Trust your instincts. Your angels guide you through your intuition and your gut feeling. Follow it.

Don’t worry about what other people are doing, dont worry about what you think you should be doing. Its irrelevent.

Follow your joy, follow your heart and you will navigate your way to exactly where you need to be.

Let the love and light within you guide the way xxxxxxxx


Angel message… Why tough things happen xxx

The angels remind us that whether we like it or not, certain things in life are already planned as part of our journey.

Life is a lesson. We each choose our life journey to allow us to grow as spiritual beings and learn certain lessons on a soul level.

We are not only part of our own journey but we are part of a collective consciousnous of learning and evolvement.

The whole world is evolving. Disasters happen for us to learn and grow.

I have often questioned this with the angels.. How? how can suffering, poverty and pain be part of our plan and learning?

The answer is this.. It has to happen. People who have chosen these situations to be in are not only our saviours but they have sacrificed so that that the collective world can make a change.

Often these people in these poverish situations are the strong lights of the world. The strong lightworkers who’s souls have chosen to put themselves in the most difficult situations in order for us to see the darkness in humanity, the wrong that we do and the mistakes that we make as human beings.

The strongest lightworkers and earth angels put themselves in the darkest situations to help those around them, to shine the light on the darkness of humanity.

Every situation in our life is planned. The more difficult your life, the stronger the soul you are.

The angels know our plan. They know our challenges.

The only thing we can control is how we listen to our angels, how we connect with our soul and our spiritual self. Once we have mastered connecting with our soul and our higher self then we are able to deal with these challenges in the best possible way.

Life isn’t easy, but live in love, hope, compassion for yourself as well as others and know that you are forever guided and loved by the angels.

Take every part of your life and turn it into love.

Dont just love the easy times, love the tough times, the difficult aquaintances and situations, love everything about your journey. Because remember you are a being of light, a lightworker of love. Allow the angels to show you the way.



Path of the angels

Whether we like it or not, we are all part of a plan.
Every step of our lifes journey is interlinked with the overall path of the planet and those inhabiting it.
Every one we meet, every place we go, is all part of the plan.
The angels wish to connect more with us so that they can help guide us in every step of our path.
For example… If it was part of our path that we meet someone at a particular time, we may be placed in that situation but because we are unconnected to our higher self and our angels, the reason we were meant to meet may well be wasted.
Imagine if we were guided to be walking past someone who was in need but we were so wrapped up in ourselves and our tasks for that day that we didnt even notice them!?

Now think if we were connected with our angels.
We would have put our trust in them to get us to exactly where we needed to be at exactly the right time. If we trust that we are being guided in absolutely everything that we do then we can take more time to enjoy the moment, be centred in the here and now of every day life. As you are getting to work you can take time to notice things around you. You may well then notice the beauty in the simplicity of life, the love thats around you and even the person who is struggling to get across the road, or was lonely but a simple smile made them feel so much better.

The angels need us to become attuned to their energy so thay we can follow our instincts, our intuition and allow ourselves to be guided to exactly where we need to be.

How can we hear our angels clearer and connect with them easier?
the answer is in our energy fields.

Angels are energy. They are pure light beings who surround every one of us.

Our guardian angels are part of our energy field. They are connected to our energy and only ours.

You then have helper angels who will surround anyone who calls on them for help or guidance. The more you connecy with these angels, the more angels surround you. Eventually you will have a team of angels pouring all of their love and light into you so that you can pass on that loving energy to everyone you meet and every place you go.

So how to connect with this loving energy?
firstly you need to make a decision that this is what you want. Angels cannot help unless asked (unless in life or death situations)
Once this decision is made ask them to guide you to exactly what you need to do to shift your energy field.
Follow your intuition… Only go by instinct… this is how the angels guide us, through out intuition.

Work on raising your energy field and consciousnous. You can do this by distance energy healing, crystals, aura healing, meditation. whichever you feel guided to.
For a stronger and clearer aura work you can opt to have attunements with the angels. These are powerful distance connections with the angels whereby they completed shift your auric field to a higher level. This is done distantly so that your aura does not mix with other energies around you and you are recieveing the purest form of energy work.
During an attunement the angels direct their purest light into your aura until every part of your aura has been rebalanced and raised a vibrational level.
Once your energy has been attuned you will immediately feel clearer and more focused on following your higher self and inner guidance.


A lightworkers path..

As a lightworker you will often find that you are thrown into situations. You find yourself being forced into certain life changes that you wouldn’t have necassarily chosen at that time.

You are forced into these situations because it is important not to drift away from your souls purpose.

Remember you are here to be a bringer of light. Trust the universe and the plan that it has.

Lightworkers have a mission on this planet to be a channel of love and light. Our angels know where we are needed and how important our missions are.

Let go of fear and trust that you are exactly where you need to be at exactly the right time.

The angels will not let you fail or detract from your souls purpose.

Have faith and follow your destiny.