Finding your awakening. Following your heart.

A spiritual awakening is the stirring within your soul to find the spiritual truth within you. We are each connected to the divine light of the universal energy source/GOD whatever your preferred term. And I must state that this divine source, Energy Power, God doesn’t mind what it is called, it wants us all to be fully connected so that we can feel the divine love within our soul.
For the purpose of this writing I am referring to God as this is my spiritual truth and the way I feel most comfortable. But again this source is for each person to find their own truth within them. No judgements, no right or wrong. Just Love from the divine.

So why are we becoming awakened? Our souls are energy, they are connected to the divine energy of the universe. The planet is at a pivotal point in history whereby Souls are all becoming awakened to an understanding that Heaven is here on earth, and we are here to raise the energy vibration of the planet.

As your energy becomes awakened you will feel yourself being guided to learning about your spiritual self. You have signed a soul contract before incarnating here on this earth plane to allow yourself to be guided as a light to others, your life is planned for certain lessons to be learned, but when your soul starts to look into the spiritual truth about yourself you will begin to find soul happiness.

The key is in your spiritual awakening to follow your own truth. Know that there are Angels, Guides and spiritual helpers all assigned to us as humanity to guide us through the planetary awakening, we are all in this together. So as a first point of call you should be asking your Spiritual guides and Angels to help to guide you to the information that you need.
When following your truth follow your heart. If your heart is guided to something then allow its information to come to you. If It makes you feel good then it is the truth.
If it makes you feel uncomfortable or doesn’t resonate with you then it is normally guided as a lesson of spiritual awareness. Do not be afraid to step away from parts of your spiritual path that your heart does not agree with. Remember everyone’s spiritual journey is different, what resonates and sits well within you heart may not sit well with others. No body is right and nobody is wrong. But being aware of how things make you feel is important. There is spiritual warfare out there which I have written in another article, but as a general rule, if something makes you feel good then it is right for you. If it doesn’t then its not for your path.

Energy and your awakening.

The awakening is all about energy. Connection to God is all about energy. We are all energy beings placed within an energy system that is the universe. We are all connected as one.

As your awakening begins your energy system begins to change, the energy vibration raises and your aura opens up. This is normally when you start to pick up on energies around you. You will start to feel what other people are feeling, you may pick up on the energies of different places. This is all perfectly normal.
As you begin to feel that you would like to be guided into learning more about the next stage of your awakening. Allow yourself to be guided. Remember your angels and guide are all part of this spiritual awakening and they will guide you onto the next part of your journey. Just ask. Then allow them time to bring it to you.
Remember everything along your journey is linked with the overall collective consciousnus. So perfect timing will also come into play. Ask your angels to bring you the information needed, even if you cannot feel or see your angels, know that they are there, orchestrating your divine journey.
Ask and you will be given.
Remember your awakening is an individual process, not for power or glory but to fulfil your souls contract for the higher good of the collective consciousnous.

Understanding the layers of energy is vitally important in the role of the awakening. Follow your heart and soul and trust that you are being divinely guided.

If you have any questions about the beginnings of your spiritual awakening please feel free to email me on samanthafourie1@hotmail.co.uk

With Love, light and peace xxxx


Why are angels so different to any other energy practice

Angels are the gateway to love and light. Love and light is the god source of the universe. When people work with the angels they are often working with a much higher frequency of energy than any other practice.

Angels are the messengers of love and light. When you feel connected to the angels you will feel nothing but love in your heart.

You are safe in the arms of the angels. You will feel the most overwhelming calm and unconditional love when the angels are near.

To feel the angels around you you neednt worry about which chakra to connect with them, opening up your third eye etc. Infact some of these. an hold you back. All you need to focus on is the love that you feel when the angels are around you.

Everyone can connect with their angels. The key is just to allow your heart to be able to feel them within you.

Some people think they should be seeing them, talking to them etc all of this is great if you can. But its not necessary. To connect with your angels all you need is to be able to open up your heart and pray for their guidance.

Talk to them, pray to them, ask them to show you the way. Do this everyday and they will find a way to connect with you.

Learn to listen to your angels. Hear them in your heart. If you see a feather or hear a song and you feel that love in your heart then that is the angels.

The angels talk to us through our souls. With our hearts open and our souls connected we can hear them within ourselves and start to allow them to guide us.

Open up your senses. Start to take note if how you feel with the angels around you. Ask them to step forward to help you feel them around you. When you do this you will start to really feel a difference within your heart.

Other energy practices can be different to working with the angels. Whilst they are a skill and can help often they open you up not onlu to tne light energy but also the dark energy to. By working with the angels you will immediately feel nothing but love in your heart. Everytime you work with them you will be lifted by their unconditional love and you will start to feel yourself seeing the beauty and the positive in everything. You will handle stress easier and you will feel so uplifted.

Remember everyone has a guardian angel and the more you talk and show gratitide towards the love that they have for you the more they will allow themselves into your heart.

with love and light xxxxx

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