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Inspired writing for the soul.. Make today a day of change.

Every day should be a day that you follow your dreams.

Dreams are not just dreams, they are you soul calling you. Do you think everyone has the same visions as you? These dreams are given to you in order to guide you on your life path.

You can often get caught up in feelings of ‘am I on the right path?, am I going in the right direction?’

Spirit tells us that you are never on the wrong path, you are never in the wrong place. For many your life path may be more difficult that others, you may see others as having achieved everything they wish to achieve. Yet have they?

When you are faced with struggles it makes you stronger, when you have faced loneliness you have found the love and strength within you to be your own unique person.

When faced with poverty, homelessness, or loss of everything material you are given an opportunity to then appreciate the simple beauty in life itself, and as you regain your power you see things in the appreciation for what they truly are.

A person in a huge home with no appreciation for what they have will be unhappier than a person living in a small home who has discovered the appreciation for the simple pleasures in life

Take time to appreciate the small things in life, when you make a coffee, be grateful for it. Appreciate the smell of the coffee, the taste, the process of sitting drinking it. Find an appreciation for every single moment of the day and you will see life in a new perspective.

Be grateful for your struggles because they have made you stronger. Be grateful for those in your life giving you challenges.

See every challenge as a new door opening. See it as a way to reevaluate your life and how you can make things better.

We as humans are all a reflection of each other. If a child is angry, they are reflecting an angry world around them. When we have people in our lives who are challenging, they are showing us how not to be and how to overcome those who are challenging. They are a blessing in disguise.

For those who have found the strength of spirit within them, no matter what their material surroundings they will be stead fast and strong in a world that is falling apart.

Make today a day to ask your soul one question… which way should I go? How do I make today a better day. What can I learn from the challenges presented?

Follow your soul it knows the way. Make today a day to follow your dreams.

Affirmation of strength…

“I am strong, I am spirit, I am loved, I am open and grateful for all lessons in life. I am ready to be awakened to who I truly am”.

With love Samantha.

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Call of the Angel’s… Love is in everything around us.

The Angel’s are reminding us today that they are surrounding you in comfort and love.

The Angel’s feel our pain, they feel our grief, they are here to gently hold our hearts in the beautiful peaceful love of source.

They remind us that love and light is in everything. Every flower we see, every tree we feel, every moment with family and friends we are feeling the love of the Divine light within our hearts.

The Angel’s want us to know that we are surrounded by their light and their comfort.

When you feel a gentle breeze of energy around your shoulders. When you feel overwhelming joy and love in your heart. The Angel’s are talking to you.

Take time to give your worries to the Angel’s, write your worries down, surrender your heart to the Angel’s and allow them to hold your heart in light.

The Angel’s are Gods messengers of light. They are here to help Alchemise humanities pain as we each gently navigate our way home within ourselves, so that we can each achieve harmony within our souls and feel at peace.

Be at peace, be still, be Love, be light ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Being the light is who we are….

Soul rescue and Light initiations

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Energy hooks and past timelines

For many we have been through the stages of healing ourselves, clearing our energies and a lot of soul searching yet we can still feel stuck.

I’m sharing this as within the past weeks for most of the healings I have completed my light team have guided me into the different timelines attached to the soul and we have been guided to remove old energetic hooks that have been keeping us attached to the third dimensional old world. This I was told is a huge part of us as a collective moving into a new state of consciousness.

Energy wise we have shifted into a higher state of consciousness and our physical and energetic selves are now ready to live in a higher state of consciousness on this timeline. However for many we have had much old trauma that we have had to experience and hold onto in our past lives. Our souls are beams of energy that have experienced many different life times. For every soul has chosen to experience and live through these different lives and journeys. But each one of these we have picked up different forms of energy attachments.

Now that we are healing as souls and expanding our consciousness we are stepping into a new form of ourselves. The final key to us becoming the purest energy form in this lifetime that we can be is to finally cut the chords to our past lives and old karmic trauma that needs releasing.

This trauma in our souls can be felt and seen as tiny hooks of dark energy matter that have been attached to the root chakra. When energy healing you will often see the soul attached to an old timeline as a chord of light that expands off from our chakra and auric systems. Old trauma and dark energy can be seen as clusters of matter that are embedded in the souls light attached to the old timelines. Once these are removed and replaced with light the soul can then be released and become an embodiment of the light. Your energetic self will have released any karmic ties and trauma and you will feel like you have been reborn. Your soul will be completely realigned to who you need to be.

This can be completed on your own or by an experienced energy healer. It’s completely your choice.

If you feel you are able to… to help you clear the energies from an old timeline you can use this following technique. (I would stress however that it is really important to use strong protection when asking to be guided into old energies and timelines) I would strongly suggest calling on your Angel’s to help you in the process.

Self clearance technique…

Take 10 minutes to Still your mind.

In your minds eye bring your focus into your energetic self, see the energy within you as flowing light. Ask to be shown if there is any blockages that need clearing. (If there is you will see it as dark matter)

Once you have seen where the blockages are in the flow of energy. imagine those blockages filling with light, imagine golden light flowing into the dark matter until the dark matter has completely dissolved. You can now see in your minds eye that your whole energetic self is now free flowing light.

Once you have completed this within your soul, now in your minds eye ask to be shown your soul attached to the root chakra.

Once you are shown the root of you soul in your minds eye ask your light team (Angels) to step in and guide the flowing golden light down into past timelines. Ask your Light team to carry this on until all hooks and dark matter has been released. (Its important to ask your Light team for help on this as taking your energy into different timelines can be energetically dangerous)

Once complete and you feel the golden light flowing freely in your minds eye. Ask your light team to seal your energy in Archangel Michael’s blue flame and to cut anything away from your energy that no longer serves you.

I hope this helps and if you need anymore guidance feel free to message me on