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Energy hooks and past timelines

For many we have been through the stages of healing ourselves, clearing our energies and a lot of soul searching yet we can still feel stuck.

I’m sharing this as within the past weeks for most of the healings I have completed my light team have guided me into the different timelines attached to the soul and we have been guided to remove old energetic hooks that have been keeping us attached to the third dimensional old world. This I was told is a huge part of us as a collective moving into a new state of consciousness.

Energy wise we have shifted into a higher state of consciousness and our physical and energetic selves are now ready to live in a higher state of consciousness on this timeline. However for many we have had much old trauma that we have had to experience and hold onto in our past lives. Our souls are beams of energy that have experienced many different life times. For every soul has chosen to experience and live through these different lives and journeys. But each one of these we have picked up different forms of energy attachments.

Now that we are healing as souls and expanding our consciousness we are stepping into a new form of ourselves. The final key to us becoming the purest energy form in this lifetime that we can be is to finally cut the chords to our past lives and old karmic trauma that needs releasing.

This trauma in our souls can be felt and seen as tiny hooks of dark energy matter that have been attached to the root chakra. When energy healing you will often see the soul attached to an old timeline as a chord of light that expands off from our chakra and auric systems. Old trauma and dark energy can be seen as clusters of matter that are embedded in the souls light attached to the old timelines. Once these are removed and replaced with light the soul can then be released and become an embodiment of the light. Your energetic self will have released any karmic ties and trauma and you will feel like you have been reborn. Your soul will be completely realigned to who you need to be.

This can be completed on your own or by an experienced energy healer. It’s completely your choice.

If you feel you are able to… to help you clear the energies from an old timeline you can use this following technique. (I would stress however that it is really important to use strong protection when asking to be guided into old energies and timelines) I would strongly suggest calling on your Angel’s to help you in the process.

Self clearance technique…

Take 10 minutes to Still your mind.

In your minds eye bring your focus into your energetic self, see the energy within you as flowing light. Ask to be shown if there is any blockages that need clearing. (If there is you will see it as dark matter)

Once you have seen where the blockages are in the flow of energy. imagine those blockages filling with light, imagine golden light flowing into the dark matter until the dark matter has completely dissolved. You can now see in your minds eye that your whole energetic self is now free flowing light.

Once you have completed this within your soul, now in your minds eye ask to be shown your soul attached to the root chakra.

Once you are shown the root of you soul in your minds eye ask your light team (Angels) to step in and guide the flowing golden light down into past timelines. Ask your Light team to carry this on until all hooks and dark matter has been released. (Its important to ask your Light team for help on this as taking your energy into different timelines can be energetically dangerous)

Once complete and you feel the golden light flowing freely in your minds eye. Ask your light team to seal your energy in Archangel Michael’s blue flame and to cut anything away from your energy that no longer serves you.

I hope this helps and if you need anymore guidance feel free to message me on samanthafourieangeltherapy.com

spiritual development

With love from the Angel’s…

Channelled message from the divine light teams around us…

Today show yourself love, we have felt your pain and felt your anguish, but now is a time for you to let go of all the hurt, let go of what no longer serves you and fill your heart with love. Feel us around you, know that we are near and know that we are here to answer your call. Call on us and we will always be near.

All our love the Angel’s xxxxx

spiritual development

Rainbow Earth.. the next generation and new hope.

So the Ascension has happened, as lightworkers we have shifted the mother earth into a new wave of energy frequency. Now it’s the time to pave the way for the rainbow children and the next generation.

It is up to us right now as lightworkers to keep holding the energy vibration of the planet in the highest possible frequency of love and light.

The Rainbow children have arrived and are still arriving, their frequencies are so high that they are highly sensitive, pure energetic beings. Their souls already know right from wrong, they immediately understand good from evil. They are wise before their age and they already have a great understanding of why they are here and their place in this whole universal system. It’s our job as bringers of light to hold as much light as we possibly can for these amazing beings. These are literally the rainbows of humanity that will change the course of humanity forever and will bring peace to the world. We are the bringers of light and they are the light.

The planet has shifted her frequency, mother earth is a pure divine being of light. Now that she has shifted the whole of humanity had begun their awakening and is slowly shifting frequencies. But this is just the beginning. At the moment we are going through a cleansing of energy. Any dark or evil energy is beginning to struggle to survive here on mother earth and within humanity, and boy are they showing it, the rift between pure and evil is becoming more and more prominent.

The good news is, this is just a process and because mother earth has shifted her frequency and the resonance of energy that is in mother earth and the universal systems is that of the divine source, this means that as her energy becomes purer and purer only those of pure energy can be born and survive in these times. This means that in the future there will only be pure Rainbow souls arriving on the planet. And they will create peace and heaven on earth.

This process has been and still will be gradual. I have been shown 3 main categories of spiritual beings arriving on earth as the next generation.

You have the crystals and the warriors of the Crystal’s. These are often born between the years of 2006 and 2011. (Before these warriors of the Crystal’s you have the indigo, star children and lightworkers of our generations)

These Crystal’s and warriors of light are here to lead the way for the next generation, they are often very very empathic, have highly sensitive energies and often they have a high skill for absorbing energies. They are here to pave the way of change for the new rainbows. They often are here to absorb and transmute energies in order to clear them ready for the next wave. They are also advocates for peace, justice and doing what’s right. They are often tough yet highly spiritually connected.

Then you have the next wave of Crystal’s who are often born between 2010 and 2012. These amazing beings are a mix of old star souls, highly sensitive Crystal’s and warriors of light. They are often strong characters yet have a much softer side to them also. They are here to protect and guide the new rainbows and start to show love and respect for humanity.

Any being born after 2012 are the first wave of rainbows, they are the purest of energies, they hold very high spiritual abilities and gifts, they are peaceful, giving and understand at a very young age how the world should work. They are the wave of light that will rid the world of any dark energies left. They are the change.

It’s a slow process but wow how exciting to be part of humanity when this is all happening and taking place. We are literally in the middle of bringing the light to the whole of humanity.

We are winning the war of light, keep shining and we are paving the way for change!.

With huge love and light Sam xxxx

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Being the light is who we are….

For many lightworkers we feel tired, we can feel lost, we can feel that we dont truly belong.https://pagead2.googlesyndication.com/pagead/js/adsbygoogle.js

For many during this ascension process we have been under attack, we have been discovering who we truly are, we are discovering that those around us are also not quite who we believe them to be.

For many we have had to undergo a shedding process of losing everything we know and understand around us. We have let go of family members who have turned on us. We’ve let go of our third dimensional gains such as material items, money etc and we have had to step into a new us. We have experienced rebirth and although it was painful. It’s been exciting. We have known that we are about to step into a new world.

So what now? We have survived this difficult part of understanding who we are, we have awakened to our soul and our highest form of spiritual self. We often feel like the old us never existed and it was all just a dream. Yet we still feel we are being called to do more. Part of us also feels like our whole lives we have worked so hard helping others, searching, finding ourselves and now that we can relax knowing that our life long mission to help the ascension of the planet is finished what do we do now?

Being the light…. let go of fear of the future, let go of wondering what the future brings and just BE THE LIGHT. We can often think… ok now is the time I can make more money, do more things etc and then we slip into the old third dimensional self. And we forget exactly what we are here to do. We are here to hold the light. And at this point in time of the ascension of the planet it is more important than ever before to not lose focus and hold the light. https://pagead2.googlesyndication.com/pagead/js/adsbygoogle.js

Spend every day living in gratitude. Take time to embody the light within you. Only surround yourself with people who love and support you, fill your heart. Remember our hearts are the most powerful energy source in our entire energetic being. Feeling and being an embodiment of love is the most important thing we can do right now. Our love is so powerful that when it radiates from the heart we hold the vibration of love for the whole planet. Although the ascension of the planet is complete the dark forces are still looking at keeping humanity trapped in a low vibration of consciousness, this way they do not lose control. If we all come together to do nothing but hold love we can break the barriers or control and the whole of humanity will ascend.

So what’s your plan today? Be nothing but love, shine from within, love yourself and know that we are all in this together. Below I have left a beautiful affirmation to shine love from within. The words have been embodied with energy from the divine energy of Source, so as you read them you will feel the power of source within your heart. With all my love to you…. Sam

Affirmation of Love…

” Divine Love, I love you, I love Me, I love my life, I love my purpose, I shine from within and I love that I am Love. With gratitude allow me to be your love for the whole of humanity, I know you are guiding me, protecting me and loving me. We are Love”

As you read this feel the love of the Divine father and mother within your heart. You are forever protected, guided and most of all loved. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤