Welcome to Rainbow Earth Sanctuary.

Rainbow Earth Sanctuary is a non-profit organization here to share knowledge, healing and spiritual harmony for anyone who feels guided.

Everyone’s journey into spiritual awakening and balance is totally unique and we each take very individual pathways. However ultimately we are all as one, one huge consciousness, searching and digging into who we truly are.

Rainbow Earth sanctuary has been pieced together by a group of people who wish to share their knowledge, enlightenment and healing skills in order to help as many people as possible gain balance and fulfillment in their lives.

I hope that you find the knowledge shared useful as you fulfill your souls path into harmony and balance.

All my love Samantha.

5 thoughts on “Welcome to Rainbow Earth Sanctuary.”

  1. Please can u send healing to myself
    My son lucas
    My parents Richard and Jenny
    My sister Estelle who has been more poorly this year then well.
    Thank you xx


      1. Thank you, I appreciate it ❤ I saw your advert in psychic news, it jumped off the page at me! I've been watching some of your youtube videos, they are lovely thank you for sharing this help with everyone! xx


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