spiritual development

Messages of hope a gentle reminder. You are loved unconditionally…

The Angels are guiding me to share this as a reminder to anyone feeling raw loneliness, grief loss or just going through any type of troubles. Remember you are never alone, you are surrounded by the love of the divine Source. Life can feel like it’s in turmoil but know that you are being protected and guided. Everything you need to survive and thrive is within you. You are a divine light who’s creation is magic on its own. When you tap into the divine energy source of within your soul you then tap into the magic of your creator.

For anyone struggling right now… Self care is of great importance. Learn how to love yourself and don’t feel guilty about doing so.

Make time each day to do something you enjoy. Make time for hobbies and things that make your heart heal. It can sometimes be the simplest of things that can bring healing to the heart. Like having coffee with a friend, spending time in nature, taking time for a hot bath or making time to meditate. Taking care of finances can also be classed as self care.

The Angels are encouraging you to do this today. Make time to love yourself. Divine source loves you unconditionally so why shouldn’t you love yourself unconditionally?

Let go of fear and guilt. Guilt is one of the biggest hurdles for anyone struggling with self care. You are often made to feel guilty over self preservation and self love. Remember that you cannot run on empty you must make time to look after yourself. You are worthy.

How will you be kind to yourself today? Just rind yourself today that you are loved, loved by dicine source, loved by the Angels and most importantly loved by those around you even if it can feel like a heartless world out there xxx


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