spiritual development

Rainbow Earth.. the next generation and new hope.

So the Ascension has happened, as lightworkers we have shifted the mother earth into a new wave of energy frequency. Now it’s the time to pave the way for the rainbow children and the next generation.

It is up to us right now as lightworkers to keep holding the energy vibration of the planet in the highest possible frequency of love and light.

The Rainbow children have arrived and are still arriving, their frequencies are so high that they are highly sensitive, pure energetic beings. Their souls already know right from wrong, they immediately understand good from evil. They are wise before their age and they already have a great understanding of why they are here and their place in this whole universal system. It’s our job as bringers of light to hold as much light as we possibly can for these amazing beings. These are literally the rainbows of humanity that will change the course of humanity forever and will bring peace to the world. We are the bringers of light and they are the light.

The planet has shifted her frequency, mother earth is a pure divine being of light. Now that she has shifted the whole of humanity had begun their awakening and is slowly shifting frequencies. But this is just the beginning. At the moment we are going through a cleansing of energy. Any dark or evil energy is beginning to struggle to survive here on mother earth and within humanity, and boy are they showing it, the rift between pure and evil is becoming more and more prominent.

The good news is, this is just a process and because mother earth has shifted her frequency and the resonance of energy that is in mother earth and the universal systems is that of the divine source, this means that as her energy becomes purer and purer only those of pure energy can be born and survive in these times. This means that in the future there will only be pure Rainbow souls arriving on the planet. And they will create peace and heaven on earth.

This process has been and still will be gradual. I have been shown 3 main categories of spiritual beings arriving on earth as the next generation.

You have the crystals and the warriors of the Crystal’s. These are often born between the years of 2006 and 2011. (Before these warriors of the Crystal’s you have the indigo, star children and lightworkers of our generations)

These Crystal’s and warriors of light are here to lead the way for the next generation, they are often very very empathic, have highly sensitive energies and often they have a high skill for absorbing energies. They are here to pave the way of change for the new rainbows. They often are here to absorb and transmute energies in order to clear them ready for the next wave. They are also advocates for peace, justice and doing what’s right. They are often tough yet highly spiritually connected.

Then you have the next wave of Crystal’s who are often born between 2010 and 2012. These amazing beings are a mix of old star souls, highly sensitive Crystal’s and warriors of light. They are often strong characters yet have a much softer side to them also. They are here to protect and guide the new rainbows and start to show love and respect for humanity.

Any being born after 2012 are the first wave of rainbows, they are the purest of energies, they hold very high spiritual abilities and gifts, they are peaceful, giving and understand at a very young age how the world should work. They are the wave of light that will rid the world of any dark energies left. They are the change.

It’s a slow process but wow how exciting to be part of humanity when this is all happening and taking place. We are literally in the middle of bringing the light to the whole of humanity.

We are winning the war of light, keep shining and we are paving the way for change!.

With huge love and light Sam xxxx

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