spiritual development

Your soul is stirring…. channelled message from source

So your soul is stirring, its calling you. You hear it whisper to you that you are more than what you believe, you are more than what you have known. Now is the time to honor your calling. answer it. We are each here on a very unique path, we cannot escape it, we cannot change it. No matter who we are or what your journey brings, you are on a path to the light. Those who cannot embrace their journey to the light will be eternally battling within themselves. Accept your path as one that is already planned. You are being led into a new world, embrace the journey, embrace your inner battles and allow the light to cleanse your soul. You are more than a physical being, you are more than what you believe that you are.

Accept yourself as every flaw, every battle, every scar. You are being guided into a new you. Every part of you has battled along this path of light, embrace it, embrace yourself and allow the light to lead the way.

You are exactly where you need to be.

Soul awakening attunements £15 includes free energy clearance to. To book message on 07394506259 or email samanthafourieangeltherapy@gmail.com

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