spiritual development

When your mind wanders remember….

In these difficult times where we are forced to be inside and all of our structure has been taken away our minds can be wandering and we can become plagued by dark thoughts about ourselves and our situation. This can be painful, however we can either use it to our advantage and embrace it as healing, or we let it overcome us and engulf our every being.

Even for those who are have already completed huge amounts of inner work we can be plagued with emotions that we haven’t necessarily had to deal with before.

Embrace the negative feelings, take a notepad and write about how you feel, write all of your emotions down. Take time to recognise how they make you feel, why you feel them and recognise within yourself that you no longer wish to have them in your life.

By recognising how you feel you are paving the way for change. Congratulate yourself for recognising those feelings. Now take time to write down all of the things you are grateful for, write a letter to yourself as if you are writing to a long lost friend, tell them how much they have achieved, how amazing they are and how much you love them. Tell them how unique they are, how strong they are and how much they are loved by those around them. Do this everytime your mind wanders, remind yourself like an old friend just how amazing they are.

You are loved, you are important, you are stronger than you will ever imagine.

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