spiritual development

Preparing for mass awakening, the new world.

The time is now for us to step into the new world, the diamond age. This is an age of new energy frequency. A time where we are all connected at a frequency of love and light. Connected as one mass consciousness. No soul left behind.

There has been huge amounts of work being undertaken over the past years all in preparation to this moment. Lightworkers from across the globe have been anchoring in light, our light team in spirit have been awakening souls and helping to shift the frequency of mother earth. Our divine mother earth has finally been shifted into a new frequency, her energy being is now completely connected to our divine energy source, our creator who is the highest frequency of all. Divine love.

All shifts that have happened until now have been divinely guided by our divine creator, the divine light and aided by our galactic light team also.

Now that all frequencys of mother earth have shifted now its time to shift humanity into the next state of consciousness. For many this has already started, for many they are already awakened. However it’s important to remember we are all one. We are all love, we are all light. It’s not a competition on who can awaken the quickest. We are all the same, we are all divine light and all here for a very individual purpose.

So what is about to happen? Our light teams have already stepped in and formed a shield of light around the earth. They then stepped in and shifted that shield of light into a frequency of laser light. This laser light is galactic light that can be used for DNA upgrades but this is now so strong that it can be used for mass consciousness.

So why now? Until now as hard as it is to believe there have been huge battles going on in many different dimensions, the earthly wars, the battles in the spiritual dimensions around us as well as the battles in the galaxies. As well as all of this light has been filtered into the earth to shift her frequency ready for the perfect timing…. Now.

So our light team are ready, the light has been filtered into the planet ready, and now it’s about the mass awakening of souls.

First will be the reboot of our programming, the laser light is being brought in to help reboot and clear people’s minds. You will start to notice you see things differently, your mind will be calmer, clearer, and you will start to see things In a new perspective, and everything around you will start to make sense, you purpose, who you are etc.

Next will be the shift of your frequency into the frequency of source energy. This will be the opening of the heart energy source, you will start to feel with your emotions, feel with love, your senses will be heightened and your heart bursting with love for everything around you. You will be living and feeling love from source within you.

Next will be DNA upgrades, this is to allow source frequency to flow through you at the highest possible frequency. You may see these, feel them as electricity flowing through you. You may feel tingling, vibrational changes within you, you may even see blue, white or green light coming through you through the third eye or star chakra which is above the eyes. For many these changes are very different.

Once these DNA upgrades have happened you may notice your senses change, your may feel hypersensitive, you will start to feel energy around you, you will understand people from the energy they give off. You may start to see energy, feel it, sense things around you. We will all start to understand the world around us through our senses at a higher state of awareness than before.

Embrace these changes, these may feel uncomfortable to begin with as many emotions may be coming to the surface that have been buried deep inside, but understand that these need to be lifted. In order for you to move into the next frequency.

Be kind to yourself, allow yourself to be connected to the energy changes, allow them to happen and embrace the amazing changes that are happening in the planet right now

You are divine, you are love, you are light, embrace it and allow these shifts to happen. It’s going to change your life forever.

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