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The power is within you. Find your inner hero.

For many lightworkers and earth angels we are experiencing some of the darkest times of our lives. At the moment many are going through a large amount of psychic attack and emotional pain caused by hate around them and people trying to stop them on their path. For many lightworkers/earth angels we have always been the type of people who if someone asks how are you….. We reply ‘im great, how are you?’ Then prefer to focus on them than us. This is our way of coping.

However behind the strength we can sometimes feel like we are drowning in sadness. We can have days where we feel like the hate around us is burying us and slowly dragging us into abyss. It’s during this darkness that we begin to realise there is no-one to pull you out except that forgotten hero within yourself. That forgotten flame at the bottom of your soul that has been quietly flickering away for this very moment. The hero moment. That flame that is ready to ignite the fire within you and you begin to emerge like a phoenix and step through the fire into the full power that you are.

For many earth angels/lightworkers we are all going through very similar things in our lives at the moment. (I use these terms loosely, anyone with love and kindness in their heart is a lightworker/earth angel) and it seems that we have many around us trying to bring us down and stop our path. Now is the time to find the hero within you. The strongest power we have is within ourselves. Our soul is divine, we are all that we need. Focus on feeling the very depths of within you and imagine the root of your soul burning bright, with every breath you see the light within you getting stronger, you move your mind up to the heart chakra and you feel your heart open with love for yourself, try doing this whilst reading every word. Remember the The love you have for yourself in your heart is powerful and it radiates out around you, imagine a bubble of love around whilst reading these words. This love you have in your heart is so powerful it surrounds your whole being and radiates around you shielding you from darkness. With this love burning from within you, you feel your soul expanding and reaching upwards,(imagine that now) your soul is that deep seated light that you had forgotten, you imagine that light shining from the seat of your stomach moving up through the heart chakra, up through the top of the head and as high as you can see above you. As the light of your soul hits the divine love of the universe you feel that love and light flowing into your whole being, just by thinking of that universal light flowing through you you are bringing it into your being. As this energy from source flows through you the love in your heart expands even further, that love connects with more universal love from mother earth and all those around you awakened to source. (Source energy is everywhere and every soul has the power to connect with it) you begin to feel that love getting stronger and stronger around you. As you feel your soul getting stronger your being begins to feel lifted, you feel lighter and your heart full of love, you feel so light and full of love that your being feels like it’s being lifted, it’s being lifted from darkness and into pure love, pure love, unconditional love. With every breath you feel stronger and your energy lighter, you begin to feel the energy of your soul slightly above your physical self, like your floating in pure love and light.

Remember words and thoughts are powerful, every thought and word holds a vibration, take time to read these words over and over to yourself….

” I am love, I am light”

“I am strong”

“I’m exactly who I need to be”

“I have the power of the divine within me”

If you still feel a cloud of negative energy around you, repeat the following….

“Yeshua, Yeshua, Yeshua”

The name Yeshua is divine love, the very name brings love and light.