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Ascension update… Crystals being activated ready to ascend the planet

So for many we all already have the knowledge that crystals help to realign our energy systems and rebalance the mind body and spirit, but there is an awareness growing that something has changed.

I have only been shown this information today by my guides so I have felt that I have had to write what they have told me, Crystals have been strategically placed around the world on certain energy lines. Many until now have remained hidden for this very purpose. In the past few days now that the energy of the planet has changed and the ascension process is speeding up. These crystals are becoming activated all over the world. Crystals not only transmit energy but they absorb to.

There have been many lightworkers across the world who have been transmitting light from the universal source, our galaxy sun. These rays that they are transmitting are on a frequency that they not only activate energy systems but can change the molecule makeup of physical form. In effect the DNA of these crystals have been activated.

For many who are sensitive to energy, the past week or so you have felt tired, and also for many you may have had ringing in the ears… like on an aeroplane, headaches… but not normal headaches, more like pressure change. Many of this is down to the sudden frequency change on the planet as these crystals have been activated.

I was shown huge lines of light within the core of the earth joining and that light is being pulled and connected to the pillars of light being channelled from the universal power source, shifting the frequency of the planet even more. We are now in full force of the ascension process and its super exciting!!! tiring but exciting!

Many lightworkers have been called into work. This has often been during sleep state on a subconscious level. Many have been called to service. When this happens your energy/spiritual being is transported to the higher dimensions and some are called upon to be in meetings about what is happening, these are with the high spiritual councils, others have been delegated to transmitting light from the universal source. These are the lightworkers who have a duty to be the physical forms of light onto the planet. During this time there have also been many who have been called into duty of absorbing negative energies and transmitting light, these lightworkers will often recall seeing themselves at the gates of light, they will feel tired during the day often, and having to take lots of naps during the day etc, because physically part of their energy has been called somewhere else.

Then we have the lightworkers who have been called upon to connect with the light being transmitted into the earth and guide that light along these energy lines, activating the crystals within the core of the earth.

Now that these crystals are now activated, the very core energy of the planet has changed, and these crystals will also transmitting light into the earth, and many will be starting their ascension process from now. The whole planet has literally now been activated and the light is forming a huge grid. When that grid is fully active the planet will be filled with light, and then the fun really begins!!!!

Keep going my friends, you are exactly where you need to be xxxx

Love and light Sam

Raising our consciousness is not about following someone else’s path. Its about following our own

3 thoughts on “Ascension update… Crystals being activated ready to ascend the planet”

  1. Hi Sam,
    Wow! This is amazing for me to read today. I’ve just returned from holiday in Norfolk. A priority for me was to go to a Crystal shop in Cromer and they everything! Any way I found what I wanted to buy. One of them, Astrophillite was the only one she had, she found it amongst others. The owner of the shop gifted it to me and she said it was waiting for me! How wonderful was that?!

    Love and light

    Cheryl xxx


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