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Who are our galactic guides and why are they making contact

Well here it is, I never in a million years thought that I would be writing about ET’S, My healing and work has always been linked to the Angels, Archangels, Spirit guides and I am very spiritual based, I love reading the bible and I pray to God my creator every day. So coming across the amazing ET’S in my work, was a bit of a surprise.

I don’t even like the term Alien/ET to me having worked with their energy, they are our galactic guides, and they are certainly not alien… They are pure Love and light and their frequencies are amazing.

I would like to say that I have come across negative ET’S, but so far I haven’t, and if I do then I will be sure to share, however once your consciousness has expanded into the 5th dimension, then it is resonating with the frequency of love and light. From my experience I have only ever experienced negative entities/energies/beings within the 4th dimensional plane. I have written more about these entities in some of my other articles. But for now lets concentrate on these amazing Galactic beings.

As lightworkers we are here on this earth plane to act as transmitters of light. We are the worlds telegraph poles of light! When we were stuck on the third dimension, we were completely stuck, we were absorbing and transmitting much of the earth plane energy that was floating around in the lowest frequency… Often this frequency was of a low vibration and negative feeling. Did you ever feel that your emotions were so up and down?, One minute your fine, next minute your crying for no reason? As an energy transmitter you many not have been carrying your own emotions, but absorbing and transmitting other people negative emotions.

In this 3d state, many lightworkers and earth angels would innately want to jump in and help people. You knew that you had to help… Yet you would literally absorb everything that anyone was carrying and then you would be an emotional wreck? sound familiar?

So basically as lightworkers when we were stuck on the third dimensional energy frequencies we were absorbing and transmitting both positive and negative energies, leaving us all over the show emotionally…. Many Earth angels/lightworkers would have been placed on medication at this point. But that’s a whole other story!!

Ok so now the planet until now has been on the very same path… stuck on a lower vibration. However over the past few years there has been a lot of healing going on within humanity and the earth, and then boom, on the 26th August this year, there was a mass shift energy wise…. the lions gate portal opened and this was the gateway to the new era! as new agers would call it, the age of aquarius, the new dawn, or as the bible puts it… The Revelation/the awakening. When this happened suddenly the energies shifted and it took the planet into a natural state of higher energy vibration.

When this did happen, it seemed like the world had gone mad! suddenly those people on a lower vibration suddenly got lower!…. even more evil/greedy/egotistical where as suddenly people who until now, had just wanted to share love to the world but was struggling in this environment were starting to awaken to the fight and love within them… More people than ever before were waking up to looking after the planet, more people were waking up to understanding that they no longer wanted to be controlled by the environment around them. A whole cleansing process was going on.

So all in all… The awakening/revelation had begun. We are all souls who have originated from the mass energy of the universe. We are all particles of energy that have originated from our source/mother-father God. As the consciousness of the planet has now shifted this is causing a ripple effect within ourselves. We are for the first time ever feeling our souls stirring and wanting to fully connect with who we truly are…. mulitidimensional beings who have originated from the universal power of energy.

Our Galactic guides are masters of energy, They have been called in by Our creator source to help guide us in our understanding of light, energy and how we can master this for the greater good.

Until now earth has been like a troublesem child in galactic terms who has been stuck in torment.

But now is the time for us to stop and grow up in energy terms!! its time for us to stop messing around, start loving ourselves, each other, the planet and engaging in our innate power of love and light so that yes… we can all live in peace.

Our galactic counterparts have already mastered living in the highest state of consciousness and they are here to help us understand our true potential within the universe.

Our galactic guides are here as our teachers, they want to help us tune in to the christ consciousness… The God source so that we can each fulfill our role here on earth at the highest possibe frequency.

With the frequency of love and light planet can be restored, We can change ourselves from within and each be dialled in to the love and light from the universe.

This is just the beginning!

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