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Raising our consciousness is not about following someone else’s path. Its about following our own

Gone are the days of gurus and spiritual teachers, now its a time for connecting with our own higher selves, listening to our own spiritual path and following our own truth.

We each have our own divine purpose. That divine purpose doesnt have to be grand, it can be being there for others and those around us. For many its about being in certain places at certain times. Your journey does not have to be about material stuff, money etc. Some of the most amazing earth angels/lightworkers i have met have had the most difficult up bringings, or been placed in tough environments. But God has a plan…. when their souls have become awakened and their soul begins to emanate at its natural frequency. So literally shining from within. Then they light up the world around them.

Now is a time to listen to your own journey, allow your soul to guide the way.

Everyones journey is different, no one is right or wrong, what feels right for you could feel wrong for someone else.

You soul has an imprint within it. A DNA code that has a timeline within it of when major things in our life will happen. This code is linked with the code of the universe.

We are each working at different frequencies at different times for specific purposes.

An example is…many lightworkers journeys are guiding them to awaken to new unheard of frequencies at a super fast rate. Others souls have been coded to stay at a different frequency to help guide others on that same level.

Imagine the mass consciousness working together as one, some climb the mountain first and place a beacon of light at the top… They are the look out, they help and guide others to the top of the mountain.

Then there are others who’s souls are guided to wait in the middle and guide people up, these are very important as without these there would be no one at helping people through. This is the journey of the mass consciousness moving as one… We are guided/coded for different purposes but all working for the same cause.

So if your on your spiritual path, follow your soul, its not a race, we are all the same, altogether as one and soon we will all be at the same destination.

Follow your soul, listen to your soul you are on the right path xxx

Letting go of unwanted energies. Message of self love.

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