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Letting go of unwanted energies. Message of self love.

Thursday 12th September 2019

For many lightworkers these past few days have been filled with intense emotional energies, yet with this we are beginning to shed that which we do not need and starting to feel completely empowered within.

Trust in God’s timing, he will not let you down.

Now is a time of understanding yourself, you will suddenly be seeing people around you or situations around you for what they truly are.  Trust in understanding and just allow yourself to gently go with the energy flow. No need to react with over emotion, just recognise when something is not good for you and know that God is in the process of clearing that energy from you.

Remember, now is a time of enlightenment, this isn’t about being better than anyone else, this is about being the best of yourself, and letting go of anything that brings you down.

You are a beacon of light and power, God needs you as his messenger of love, listen to within and you will know the way. If you feel things around you falling apart, trust in the process, sometimes when the walls come crashing down, we begin to see the real beauty that’s around us.

Centre yourself and focus on the light within you. You are Gods child and you are here to do his work. Find the power within you and shine your light through the darkness.


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