spiritual development

Message for lightworkers… The time has come

Message from our Galactic Guides..

For many reading this you would have already been on quite a journey. Your spiritual self would have been through quite alot energy wise, but now things are turning. The energy had shifted. The light is gaining huge amounts of power and is taking the world with it.

You are ascending fast to the next phase of being. The first few lightworkers have ascended. Now the others are quickly following. With every lightbeing waking up across the planet the light is gaining strength, snowballing you as humanity into a major shift of consciousnous.

Now is the time lightworkers, to shout about who you are, you have hidden for to long. Let the world know who you are, where you are headed. Share your skills, your truths and most of all you no longer need to be afraid of sharing who you are.

up until now the darkness has had control of the light… Many peoples souls felt crushed and their spirit dampened. They have felt trapped within their physical bodies, with the light inside their soul wishing to escape. But now dear ones things are changing, the light within you is gaining power and now is the time to open up to the world who you truly are.

Do not be afraid for God is by yourside and the next phase of your mission is just beginning. You are the light of the world…. Allow yourself to shine.

All our love, your Galactic guides Ashtar

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