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Be Gods Love

Feeling Gods pain and love can be overwhelming. As your spiritual awareness changes so do your emotions, you are not only taking on your own emotions linked to yourself, but being connected to Gods energy you feel the pain and love that he the creator feels. I have often questioned, what is God? where is God? on a physical and mental level we ask these questions, however as your spiritual awareness opens up and you gradually become aware of energies, different spiritual beings around you, and your energy becomes awakened, then you no longer can question things, You just KNOW there is a God, and your just KNOW that yes its unexplainable, but the feeling that you feel when you are connected is so profound that you can no longer question it.

When your energies become awakened to the divine energy of God, you begin to feel his love in your heart but also his anger and his pain. This is why from a spiritual perspective God is sending in Angels to guide us, to awaken our souls, He is sending the divine spirit guides to guide us, Jesus and the divine council are starting to show themselves spiritually to people all over the world simply because it has to be now! God has had enough!!!! he has had enough of hate, he has had enough of seeing us destroy each other, he has simply had enough! It is now or never to save our planet and ourselves.

I had the most profound experience the other day, I was with my little girl who was doing the usual 10 year old thing and moaning she didn’t have enough stuff, we then had the conversation lead to the children in the world who actually have nothing! they are simply starving. I shew here photos of children starving in Yemen, and as I talked I felt such anger towards the situation, I felt physically physically sick, this wasn’t just a sadness feeling, this feeling overwhelmed me! I felt my whole soul being crushed with anger and sadness for this situation.

You have to understand that God talks to you through your feelings, the emotions that you feel for others and situations is Gods energy flowing through you. This is why the whole awakening process is happening. Spiritually God is coming for everyone of us and stirring up these emotions so that we can be his vessel to do something about it. You may not think that you can help but you can! If you have love in your heart, then you have Gods love in you. Just like God fills your heart with sadness for these situations he does the same with Love, except with Love we can use it to send out love.

Love creates love. God needs every single one of us right now to send out love. Anyone, anywhere can do this. Simply take some time during the day to pray. You don’t have to be religious to pray, all you need to do is to love. When you pray or meditate imagine the world and the people in it being surrounded by Golden light, There is no right or wrong way of doing this, Remember God uses you as a tool of love, just go with your feelings.

Prayer or meditation sends out light. Imagine if we each had a golden thread being spread across the earth, it will gradually break down the darkness easily.

If you are wondering how light can change things? Hate comes from a spiritual darkness, its the spiritual dark that guides people to oppress people, guides people to become selfish, greedy, create wars etc.

Light is the language of love, send out love and light and you will help the planet and the people here. Sending out love and light will not only raise the energy vibration of the world, but it will also help to awaken other light workers around you, and then they will start to send out light, and so the dominoes effects begin to happen.

You are powerful, you are love, and you are here to make a difference even if you think you cannot

Watch “The start of your awakening” on YouTubeFinding your awakening. Following your heart.

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