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Connecting with Source, what does it mean?

Along your spiritual path you will hear many times the phrase.. “Connecting with source” but what does it mean? Source is the universal energy that is where we all originate from. We are an energy source that is connecting to the energy of the universe. Our souls are connecting to the universal energy source and everything that is around us. The whole planet exists in one energy existence.

The hierarchy of energy is this..

The Physical plane.. Is us here as a physical form

The Soul… The soul is an energy source within the physical form. Our souls are connected to the spiritual dimensions around us. The spiritual dimensions exist within the universal energy field. Imagine the Soul as an open tube of golden light within you. As your energy system slowly opens up this golden light becomes stronger and connected to different layers of planetary energy, slowly connecting you to all of the spiritual dimensions around you. Once fully opened your soul is ultimately completely connected with God, the source of all things.

The Aura… The Aura is the energy field that is connected to your soul, but surrounds the physical form. Its like a protective seal around the physical form and almost keeps you attached to the physical self. When people Astral plane their souls leave the physical form and often leaves the Aura, leaving them in limbo between spiritual dimensions. This can be dangerous as your soul may struggle to find its way back. This often happens when taking substances that supposedly enhance your spiritual experience. This for me is a HUGE NO! NEVER DO IT! The aura holds an imprint of our physical and emotional state. You know the physical and emotional state of someone by imprints within their aura. Auras also often hold karmic ties from previous lives and past traumas that need to be released. Once these are released your soul is free to fully awaken to be fully connected with God.

Universal energy..

The universal energy is the energy that exists around us. We are all part of the universal energy system and all part of a collective consciousness of the planet.

The hierarchy of spiritual helpers…

As part of your spiritual ascension we are being guided through each stage of the process. Our ultimate and final goal is to be at one with the “source” = GOD. To do this we are being guided by many spiritual helpers who have been assigned to us to help us through the spiritual layers.

The basic Hierarchy is as follows..

  • Spirit Guides/Angels
  • Archangels and Ascended masters
  • Spiritual beings who make up the spiritual council… These are not always the same and will change throughout your experiences and journey
  • Jesus and Mary Magdalene
  • God

As you progress through your spiritual ascension you will be guided through the layers of universal energy until your soul becomes completely connected as one to SOURCE. (GOD)

Your soul is awakening to find its true place which is beside Jesus, fully connected with GOD and the Source running through you, as lightworkers many are already being awakened to this point, these lightworkers are then helping others to reach that same point. Eventually the energy vibration of the planet is beginning to raise and eventually we will all be connected to source.

I hope this helps you on your journey and makes things a little simpler to understand.

Love, Light and Peace xxx

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