Understanding the Gift of Discernment A beginners Guide

Many empaths and energy sensitives are in the process of training for discernment of spirit without even knowing it!
We are living in a world now where a lot of people are natural aware of energy around them, They naturally have a gift of instinctive awareness of a persons intention and the energy around them. They often are unware that this is a gift and can sometimes see it as a burden. You may find it difficult to be around certain people or in crowds because the energies are unsettling to you. You may question yourself as someone may seem lovely on the outside but you instinctively know that they cannot be trusted.
I ran a pub for 10 years and I used to know exactly how someone was going to behave as soon as they walked in the door. The energy around them would tell me if they were to be trusted, but obviously you can’t say that I don’t like you because of your energy. But you can just be aware of how you are feeling.
What I would say with that though is the more aware you become of energy you will begin to be aware that it is not often the persons doing that is bringing you those feelings, but also the energy that has accumulated within their aura and is making them behave in a certain way.

We live in a huge energy minefield! everywhere we go we leave an energy imprint? I have done energy readings for people who have been seated in a chair and then moved away, you can then work through the layers of energy that they have left behind and actually bring forth their experiences and thoughts through basically reading thin air! but its not, its the energy that they have left behind.

Do you often go into a place and immediately pick up on a vibe? or do you suddenly feel angry when you walk into a place? When you are sensitive to energy you often pick up on energy imprints that have been left behind. This is why being a lightworker is so important and keeping your energy high is important. It raises the vibration of the planet. Your light and your energy imprint is helping to raise the vibration of the planet. So keep on with your mission!

If you are reading any of this and it is resonating with you then you very much have the gift of discernment. You are very much programmed to be able to pick up on these energies.

But now what to do with it? energy healing is already programmed into you. You may not understand it yet, but you are already picking up on the flow of energy that’s around you.
In order for us to shift the planet into a better place we must first understand energy. If you have been given the gift of discernment… The gift of understanding energy then you are truly blessed. ( I must just mention when we talk about feeling peoples energies, this is not about judging if someone is deserving or not etc, its about feeling peoples souls rather than judging people by outer appearances.)
Look into learning more about energy, Pray to be guided to where you need to learn from. Know that if you have a gift that God wishes your to use, you will be guided to using it. Follow your heart and your instincts. Know that you are being guided to find an understanding and awareness of you gift.

The gift of discernment is one of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and if you are sensitive to energy you already have the basics. Whether you are religious or not, we are all in this together. Learn how to work with that energy and you will be fulfilling your life purpose.

Signs that you have the Gift of Discernment for beginners..

– You sense peoples energies and intent

– You are sensitive to energies and atmospheres

– You walk into a room and pick up on the energy of a room

– When you are around people you feel their emotions or sense their state of wellbeing

These are all signs that you have the beginnings of the Gift of Discernment.

For those who are already Energy workers or healers and are dealing with Energies on a greater level you will know when you are dealing with the Gift of Discernment with these signs…

– You will be giving an energy treatment and immediately feel if there is stuck energy

– You may start to see light and dark energy attached to an aura

– You may start to have lots of people coming to you who have had energy attachments to them (this is often to show you an awareness and they are guiding it to you for a reason)

– You start to feel and see Angels and spirit around you and can immediately sense if they are good or bad

– You seem to have people guided to you who have been under energy attack.

If you start to have any of these then your healing is leading you onto a path of understanding your gift from the Holy spirit and how to work with that.

In my next article I will write about how to know if an Angel is from God or not, and an understanding of how to protect your energy and clear your energy if something has attached itself to you.

I hope I can help with the next part of your journey. Any questions please give me a shout on samanthafourieangeltherapy@gmail.com

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