Being aware of psychic attack

As part of your awakening your energies will begin to change. You will start to become aware of energies around you, atmospheres and even peoples energies around you. But what you do need to also be aware of is the very real energy trait of psychic attack.
Most people may not even be aware that they are doing it, but for an empath or sensitive they instinctively know of someone’s ill intent towards them and this can be hard to deal with sometimes. When someone has shown no physical harm towards you or said the wrong words, but yet you still feel an anger towards you energy wise.

Now I specialise in distance healing. It works with the universal law of energy and if someone has asked for distance healing then I am able to connect with that persons energy, then through connecting to the spiritual guides and helpers around me, as well as the God source then Healing energy is then able to be sent. I don’t do the healing, however the messengers of light/guides/angels will bring the healing energy and show me where they are guiding it. They also show me where there is negative energy and how they are clearing it. People who have distance healing often say they immediately feel their energy change. Often they know exactly when the distance work is taking place.

Anyway this isn’t about me, what it is about is the awareness that if someone can harness and feel the positive energy that is being sent to you? then of course it will work the same when someone is sending negative energy.

Thoughts and feelings are energy. When we pray for someone we are sending out a golden thread of universal light which then attaches itself to them. This is not us using some amazing power, this is us simply sending out good intent to that person. Every loving thought raises the energy vibration of that person. The same goes for negative thoughts and feelings. They to are energy and when we are angry at someone, send ill thoughts and feelings towards them through anger, jealousy and hate then they will be feeling that. I must reiterate that it is universal law that if your intent is negative, it will come back to you in a double dosage! so don’t do it! But you can see when someone’s energy and life becomes a tangled web of anger, this can go on and on and they can never seem to get out of it. Until their energy has been cleared of that original anger. Our thoughts alone can effect those around you without them even knowing it.

For empaths and those who are sensitive to energy you may start to feel when someone’s intent is negative or you are under psychic attack. You may start to feel uneasy when around that person, You may suddenly start to get pains around the top of the back and the neck. You may start to feel jittery and have an anxious feeling in the stomach. When this goes on for a long time or you are stuck in a room with that energy for a long time then you can start to feel dizzy, nauseas and on edge. If this goes on for a long time then these feelings can start to stick and you begin to feel unwell all of the time. When doing energy work you will often see negative energies that have been attached to someone as dark wisps of energy, during energy healings these are removed and replaced with golden light.
If you feel that you are or have been under psychic attack then either seek an energy healer or you can do your own healing meditations that can help to clear your energy.
As long as you have awareness of your own energy then take notice of when things feel different. Just as you do if you are physically unwell, take notice when your energy feels off balance to.

If you would like to ask any questions about the effects of psychic attack and how to get rid of that stuck energy then please do email me on samanthafourieangeltherapy@gmail.com

I will also upload a guided meditation to help to clear psychic attack from your system.

Love, light and peace x

When I talk about symptoms of feeling unwell, I would not in anyway refrain from seeing a medical professional, however an understanding of energy is important in well being.

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