Angel message….. You are worth it.

As lightworkers, or givers if love and light you often find it extremely easy to give everything you have to others. This can be monetary, time, energy etc. You simply love to give! But give to yourself? No way! You say things to yourself like… “I don’t deserve that” or “I don’t need that”. The angels need you to know that you are worth it.

To give to others you must look after yourself. You often feel upset at spending time and money on yourself. The angels need you to know it’s ok to do this. Do what makes you feel good about yourself. You cannot help others if you cannot help yourself.

It’s ok to love your self as well as others. Of course be humble but be kind to yourself. You are worth it.

Remember you are a light worker here to blaze a trail of light and love to lift those around you. But when your light begins to dim then you are not being true to yourself.

You are a giver but remember it’s ok to be yourself, it’s ok to be kind to yourself, love yourself from your soul and you will be the best you can ever Be.

Love and light xxxxxx
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