Find your soul

Our souls are guiding us home. The Love and light of the divine is truly where our soul belongs.

Are you feeling lost on your spiritual path? Are you searching for more.

These soul light initiations will activate the true divine light within your soul. You will then begin to understand exactly who you are.

Light initiations and soul retrieval take approximately between 30mins and 1 hr. They can be done distantly or on a one to one basis. We offer them on a donation basis only, this is after the initiation has taken place. We are grateful for anything that is received and all profits go towards the ‘ Samaritans’ Charity.

You are a true divine being and these initiations are truly life changing.

To book please fill in the form below..


5 thoughts on “Find your soul”

    1. Hi Khotso I would be happy to help. Im about to do a healing for someone but when im finished Im happy to email you? is the address on your username the right email? I will message you 🙂


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