Unique one to one Angelic Realm, Archangel and Divine consciousness alignment Course.

Understanding that we are each unique divine energy beings that all originate from the divine source energy. We are simply here in a physical form but actually we are all divine souls that are pure light that are all connected to the divine creator and source light.

By learning how to connect with our Angelic Realms and higher state of conscious awareness then we are truly empowering ourselves to step into our fullest potential and aligning ourselves with the universal source of truth.

Samantha offers a unique one to one remote course to align your soul with the Angelic realms around you, the Archangels and Divine Holy spirit. This course is conducted through Soul realignment and Remote channeling of the Angelic realms, Archangels, Jeshua and The Divine Archangel Michael and Mother Mary. The full course is split into 11 remote attunements and is an investment of £111.

This course can be split into installment option. To book and talk to Samantha Directly please email samanthafourieangeltherapy@gmail.com

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