Soul alignment Courses and Healing programmes available.

Your soul is an origin of light, by realigning the balance of the soul you are naturally aligning to the light of your source, your origin, the spirit of divine light.

Souls are being guided into aligning with the divine light, being set free of the matrix and finding and aligning with the true light that they are. If you are reading this right now, your soul has been guided and the Angels are waiting to help set you free.

Once your soul has let go of any energy that no longer serves it, it will naturally be awakened to the divine light within you. You are then able to become one with the spirit of Source energy, with divine light and you will find peace, balance and harmony.

Programmes on offer

Soul alignment and cleansing attunement. During this alignment the Angelic realm are called in to focus on releasing and letting go of any fear or residual energy that resides within the soul. Samantha will act as a channel for the Angels to connect with the soul and gently release, detach and remove any deep seated fear, anxiety, or energy that no longer serves you.

This alignment consists of 1x 15 minute remote healing. Remote healing has to take place distantly as Samantha needs to work and channel through the Astral plane. The next part of the Alignment will take place either over the phone as a 30minute Healing via meditation and light channeling or a pre recorded channelled meditation and remote light channelling. This part of the Alignment can be adjusted to suit your needs.

Investment for Soul alignment and cleansing attunement £22.

to book please email Samantha on Samantha will then arrange to speak to you directly via phone or email whichever you prefer.

Heart and Soul Healing

This is a beautiful and gentle healing of the Heart and Soul. Samantha will remotely connect with The heart and Soul and gently bring in the Energy of source around you. Samantha will then gently channel the peaceful light of the Angels and Mother Mary, gently filling the Heart and soul with peace, love and light. To finish Samantha then Channels the divine light of Archangel Michael to seal and protect that peace and light within you so that you can feel the healing energy for as long as possible. As with all healings Samantha offers one to one support during and after remote healing for whenever you need.

Investment for Heart and Soul Healing is £11

to book directly please email Samantha on

Below is a link also to Samantha’s prayer page where Prayers and light are sent to whoever needs it. Please fill in or email Samantha if you feel the need.

love, light and peace. 🙏

Third eye and higher realm activation.

For this Third eye and higher Realm activation Samantha will first remotely connect with the energy of the soul, scanning and removing anything that is blocking the Energy.

The Divine light of Archangel Michael is then channelled through into the Third eye and higher energy points of consciousness and the light of Michael is channelled through activating the soul to the higher realms of light. This is usually very intense and consists of a 15minute remote energy scan and rebalance. 15minute remote Third eye activation and finally a remote 15minute energy balance to ground and balance the new strong light that has been channelled.

The remote energy channelling normally takes place over 3 days as the energy can be quite ill intense and you must be totally balanced afterwards.

Investment for Third eye and higher Realm activation is £22.

to book directly please email Samantha on

5 thoughts on “Soul alignment Courses and Healing programmes available.”

  1. Please can u send healing to myself
    My son lucas
    My parents Richard and Jenny
    My sister Estelle who has been more poorly this year then well.
    Thank you xx


      1. Thank you, I appreciate it ❤ I saw your advert in psychic news, it jumped off the page at me! I've been watching some of your youtube videos, they are lovely thank you for sharing this help with everyone! xx


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